An Introduction

Born in 1951, I am a postgraduate in Commerce and a graduate in Law from the University of Mysore, I have an experience of more than 45 years in the banking field and am well versed with the rapid transformation that has taken place in the banking sector over the years. I am also a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) from IIBF Mumbai.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world .”

– Nelson Mandela

My Goal is to impart training to bankers at all levels in junior / middle and senior management with conceptual and functional skills as also to bring some attitudinal changes in their approach towards banking and their life. The methodology used in the training is quite different from the traditional one. I believe in preparing YOUNG OFFICERS as the future LEADERS of the banking industry. I strive to prepare them to emerge from the crowd. I humbly affirm that I possess the experience, knowledge and professionalism to train and make them better bankers in the days to come. I believe I have the ability to transcend the boundaries of the rigid system and that is the genesis of my tutoring academy.

About Me

I have been associated with the banking sector since my initial days of employment. I have worked in various divisions and been a part of a comprehensive range of projects and assignments in these banks. I have worked in both, PSU and Private Sector banks with a rewarding career spanning over 47 Years. In 2012, I was appointed, the Principal of The Staff Training college of Karnataka Bank, where I have imparted training to more than five thousand personnel of the bank. It is my wish to continue this endevour to train young minds, even after my active work life. It is my desire to coach banking professionals on real life problems that they may encounter.

My Journey

Corporation Bank

I started my career in the year 1973, as an Officer trainee in the Junior Management Grade I, in Corporation Bank. This was my stepping stone in the field of banking. From here, I have doned many corporate roles and have also reached the highest position as the General Manager in the top executive Grade VII.

During my tenure at Corporation bank, I was entrusted with field assignments as well as corporate projects. In the field, I worked as a Branch Manager and Zonal Head. In the Corporate Office, I was engaged in a number of departments throughout my term. My knowledge in the field, allowed me to traverse through various sectors of the bank including Manpower Planning, Human Resources Management & Development, Information Technology and Financial & Risk Management. Apart from this, I was also the Executive Assistant to the Chairman & Managing Director.

I have received several accolades and awards as a branch manager for reaching and surpassing business targets.

While I was the zonal head at Bangalore, the zone won the prestigious national award for the
second best zone in the country.

Indian Bank

After a long and fulfilling tenure at Corporation Bank, I joined the Chennai based Indian Bank in the year 2006. I joined the bank, on deputation by the Government of India, as its General Manager- Vigilance (CVO), in the Corporate Office in Chennai. I along with my team prepared a vigilance Manual and designed a module on “Prevention of Frauds” for the bank. We also produced a film on “Departmental Enquiry” to serve as an educative tool for all those involved in the Discipline Management. Apart from theory based module, I designed an attitude based module on “Building a Pleasing Personality” to bring an attitudinal change in the rank and file of the Bank. I was credited with reducing the number of vigilance cases to a significant number before leaving the bank on superannuation in 2011.

I won the reputed, National Vigilance Excellence Award amongst a competitive contenders list of CVOs of Public Sector Banks for two consecutive years 2008 and 2009.

NIIT Institute Of Finance Banking & Insurance Training

On my retirement, owing to my experience and corporate background, I was absorbed as a panel faculty at the eminent NIIT Institute of Finance Banking & Insurance Training Ltd. to impart training on general banking to graduates to be selected as officers in private sector banks.

Karnataka Bank Ltd.

‘From the year 2012 to 2020, I was appointed as the Principal of the Staff Training College of Karnataka Bank, Mangalore. I have trained more than five thousand personnel at all levels and in all the areas of banking. I have conducted Executive Development, Leadership Development and Discipline Management programs for the executives of the bank. I also supervised the administration and management of the bank’s Apex Staff Training College at Mangalore, during my tenure at the bank.

During my tenure, the staff training college got ISO 9001:2015 Certification for compliance of Quality Management Systems.

Training Programmes Attended

“I always believe that learning is a continuous process, and we never stop learning new details everyday.”

To increase my knowledge and get an in depth understanding of the banking sector and its functions, I have attended quite a number of training programmes in India and across the globe. These training programmes aided my expertise on various subject matters and also gave me an insight into the numerous areas of banking in different parts of the world. A few vital training programmes attended by me in the following Institutes are furnished below. 

  • Bankers Traning College, RBI Mumbai
  • National Institute of Bank Mangaemnt, Pune
  • Indian Instiute of Mangaement, Ahmedabad
  • Indian Institute of Management , Kolkata
  • CBI Academy, Gaziabad
  • Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, Mumbai
  • Kellog School of Management, Illinois USA

My corporate training experience in all these eminent institutions has enhanced my skills in all areas and has increased my ability to learn from a rapidly changing environment.